The Chris Lamb Scholarship

For Students Studying in Canada

Two Scholarships Available

worth $1,000 CAD each

Provide Proof of Enrolment

Acceptance letter, class schedule, student ID

250-500 Word Essay

detailing your career goals/ plans


Chris Lamb

Chris Lamb is a property developer and investor located in St. Catharine’s, Ontario, Canada. He is a first-generation builder that’s enthusiastic and excited for new opportunities. His passion allows him to work around the clock. He is interested in building affordable housing communities and investment properties in the Niagara Region.

A graduate of Brock University with a B.A. in Political Economy, Chris set his sights on a post graduate degree in International Business Management from Niagara College.

In The News

Chris Lamb discusses his career in property development and real estate.

“I have always been passionate about a healthy lifestyle. Knowing where my food comes from, how its cooked, exercise, and fitness have always been habitual priorities.”

If done correctly, investing in real estate can be one of the greatest investments you ever make. The possibility of increased income and long-term wealth are exponential when it comes to real estate.

The real estate sector is an ever-changing market that has been recently — and quite significantly — impacted by technology. Today’s technology continues to leave a beneficial imprint on real estate business, delivering dramatic improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction.


“I always try and breakdown plans into steps. I organize the variables I can and cannot control and work within them. I use tools such as day planners and giant charts to ensure I’m staying on track. “